needs to be put up in every school 

this is very important

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"I used to dream that you were an angel and I was a starving child, and we were -magic."

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this is a really brilliant use of color!
p.s. i’m totes an introvert.

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Nothing hurts worse

Than someone telling you that you don’t have a real problem. Anxiety and depression are real. And they hurt. Think about what you say before you say something.



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If you don’t have anxiety/depression issues

You have no idea what it is like. And you have no right to tell me that it is not a legitimate issue. Fuck you.


This actually made me fucking cry.

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Best of Runways: Rupaul’s Drag Race S06E05

Courtney Act (RuPaul’s iconic Silver Wings at VH1 Awards)
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  • mum: can you-
  • me: *groans for 17 hours*